How Pain Changes You: Can Pain Be Our Greatest Teacher?


People go through so much pain trying to avoid pain ~Neil Strauss.” We all are guilty of this. Isn’t it? How pain changes you- is a crucial question to be asked.


First thing first, avoiding pain can’t help anyone. Accepting pain is the only way out. How pain changes you is a journey itself, which will make you a better person and how. Pain can be your greatest teacher. Pain changes people, you, me- everyone. However, in which direction you let it change yourself is always in your hands. You got to believe that. Otherwise, it will only make things even worse. 


Never let your pain cheat you. You have to channelize it for a bigger purpose. It has come in your life for something greater. It is just a matter of patience, tolerance, acceptance, kindness, and compassion- first, to yourself and then others! Yes, you have to be kind to yourself. We are often very harsh on ourselves. Stop beating yourself up! Love Yourself!


No wonder pain is an inevitable emotion for human existence. We all go through pain. Of course, the intensity of it can differ from place to place. However, no one can say I have never felt any pain in my life, be it emotional or physical. 


Different people face different challenges in their lives. Sometimes, they get through them positively. Sometimes they don’t. Indeed, difficulties come and go in each of our lives. They are part and parcel of our functioning. 


However, pain is something different. It is usually way more adverse and traumatic than daily life struggles. It shatters our souls and breaks them into pieces. 


As mentioned above, pain is unavoidable. No matter how much you hope, pain can knock on your door anytime. It doesn’t mean one should start living in fear or always walk on eggshells. No, it won’t help you either. 


Pain because of traumatic experiences or situations is not something you can prepare yourself for in advance. How you would! Nobody knows when some adverse situation is approaching them. 


Did you? Can you prepare yourself that you might lose your job in the next 15 days or something way worse? No! You can’t! Right? So, living with apprehensions is not a good idea. 


It goes without saying, pain changes us. Now, how pain can change you can be a different ball game altogether, as it depends on person to person. 


But, we have some great examples of personalities who have dealt with the adversaries of their lives so strongly and bravery and transformed themselves for the greater good. 


The name popping up in my head right now when I think of some real-life hero is Milkha Singh. Everybody knows about him. He was famous as “flying Jatt” because of his exceptional running abilities as an athlete. 


His story has not been hidden from the world. How he got separated from his parents at an early age, saw them dying, and then his journey to victory. No doubt, he did see immense pain in his life, but today we can analyze how pain changed him, or he let his pain push him forward for a greater purpose in life.

So, can pain be our greatest teacher? Can pain change you for greater good? And if yes, then how?


Here’s how! It is a complete process of pain becoming your greatest teacher. 


How Pain Should Change You- Here’s how pain can be your greatest teacher!

Many of us might have grown up listening to that pain, trauma, or difficulties is your best teacher. But, when we really face the pain, we don’t feel this way. In fact, it’s the other way around. How pain changes you- feel like really bad at that point in time. 


So, is it not true that pain can teach you something meaningful and valuable in life?


I believe it’s true that pain can change you for bigger stuff. I am speaking from my experiences. Pain is painful, but it can teach you zillions of valuable things that you might not have literally understood in its absence.


But, the point is how to make pain your teacher? How to channelize it in that very direction?


Here’s how! These are the stages we go through when faced with trauma, adversity, or something painful in life. This is how the shift happened from the pain being painful to pain being your teacher.


Let’s unfold it one by one.


Initial changes- 

You feel lost and stuck:

Initially, when the pain reaches us, it will hit us hard. Consequently, you’ll feel lost and stuck in your life. For some time, you might not see any way out from your trauma. 


Anger, frustration, and irritation will be your comfort zone:

You will begin blaming God and the universe for everything wrong going on with you. You start questioning each and everything. And your anger and frustration will top the chart.


Get indulged in self-pity, victim mode on:

As a result of the adversity you faced, you will become isolated and stuck in your “me, my problems, my this, that”.


Depression, demotivation, and hurt:

Things will not sort out. Constant hurt might result in depression and demotivation.


Medieval changes-

Hurt will get a little reduced:

Human beings are naturally born with some coping mechanisms, Due to which, after some time, your hurt will get reduced. Not vanish completely, but the reduction will be there. 


Start seeing things differently:

Your worldview may change. You start to be trustless. Emphasize more on negatives than positives. Catastrophizing might become your new normal. 


Recovery and healing will begin: Now, how you want your pain to change you!

Now comes your willingness and desire to change yourself for the greater good. The moment arrives when you think enough is enough. I am more powerful than my miseries and pain. I have a bigger purpose in life. Doing this transition alone can be tough. Seeking professional, right support, and having good people around will help you go to the other end of the spectrum. 


Rebuilding your purpose:

Days, or maybe weeks, or maybe years later, you will find yourself breathing again, feeling lighter, rebuilding your life again from scratch. 


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Final changes-

Will become fearless:

Slowly but steadily, you will become your best version. Become fearless and start taking on one day at a time!


Start believing in yourself:

Your belief will get stronger. You will start believing in the greater power of this universe and understand the true essence of what doesn’t kill only makes you stronger. 


Find peace while helping others-

Gratitude will become your attitude, and you will find peace helping others going through the same sufferings as yours. You will build a community of yours, where love, hope, kindness, and compassion will rule. 


Focus on bigger purpose –

This time, you remain focused on your purpose. No matter how much adversity comes and goes, you will find your way out as you did earlier. Of course, as a human, it’s natural to slip again and again. But a true warrior chooses to rise again and again, even crawl when things are hard, but never stops!


It is how you can befriend your pain, swim with it, and eventually reach your highest potential. This way, you can truly justify the statement that pain can be your best teacher. It’s always on you how you make it happen. At the end of the day, it’s you who has to take action and channelize your pain for something bigger. 


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Your Takeaway:

Nobody can have a say on how pain changes you, as it’s personal and intimate. Also, every human being is different, so their situations, DNAs, and everything. But, if we can break from self-pity and switch off our victim mode, then pain can be powerful for self-growth and personal development. No wonder it is difficult. But great things come with constant efforts, patience, and determination.

So, how has pain changed you? What is your take on how pain can change you and become your greatest teacher? 

Would love to hear from you on how pain can change you, me, people, everyone!

Keep your thoughts coming in the comment section below!

For now, bye! We’ll meet you soon with yet another insightful and thought-provoking content. 

Take care!


Always remember, it’s not only you. It’s us together!

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