How To Let Go Your Past And Move On With A New Life?


“Get over that. It is in your past!” We often hear these kinds of statements when people try to console us. It’s easier said than done! Right? Everyone wants to know the mantra of how to forget the past and start a new life. 

Nobody wants to remember the painful memories and incidents of their earlier lives. Everyone wants to forget the adversities that happened to them. But, as I said earlier, it can be challenging and tricky for someone to forget their past and move on with a new life. 

Why is it so?

Past is something that gets deeply rooted in our soul and mind. That’s why getting over it can become like breaking a concrete stone. 

Let me explain it to you in this way!

Do you remember the last time when something sad happened to you?


Do you remember later what made you happy and grateful?

I am sure most of us can more easily answer the former question than the latter. 

It’s in our psychology that we remember bad things way more than good ones. That’s how our brain has gotten wired, making it difficult for us to forget the negative stuff. 

Whenever you try to step out of your comfort zone, it may pull you back and restrict you from leading a happier life. But, if you have a strong desire to live a life full of purpose and passion, then you can pave your way towards a beautiful future. 

Some practices can train you regarding how to forget your past and start a new life. 

What are they! 

Let’s tune in here to know about it all!


Top 05 Ways To Forget Your Past And Start Living Again:


1. Accept your emotions-

I can’t emphasize enough on this point. You can’t heal from your past unless you are ready to accept it the way it was. We know it can be challenging. But you have to do this to win over your past. 

Acceptance allows you to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. It opens up new horizons in your life and increases your worldview. Otherwise, it is easy to get caught up with the vicious cycle of negativity and hurt.

It’s okay to cry and crib about your condition. But, one needs to be conscious enough to understand that this is a phase of my life and shall pass as well. It is crucial to accept and see reality as it is for breaking the loop of your past.


2. Change your habits-

Yes! As they say, your present habits define your future. You work hard today to reap a prosperous tomorrow. For anyone dealing with their past, it is a must to design meaningful daily life practices. That will not only allow you to get over your past. But also help you build a life full of meaning and purpose.  

Engage yourself in things you love doing for yourself. That can be anything, be it painting, dancing, singing, writing, and more. Embrace that part of your life. Go deeper into self-care!

Inculcating practices like daily exercise and meditation enhance your overall health. That strengthens your mental health and improves your brain cognition, making it easy for you to forward in a positive direction. 


3. Forgiveness is key-

Forgive, but don’t forget!

Isn’t it the best way to live and let live? 

Forgiveness sets you free from all kinds of hurts, negative emotions & feelings and lightens your spirit most beautifully. 

One must believe in forgiveness as if it’s not you who did anything wrong. So, why are you suffering? Yes, it makes you fearless and also grounds you in every possible manner. 

One should not forget who does wrong with it, as it can be hazardous for you in the future. People who were mean to you can come back and try to take advantage of you again. 

Thus, it’s best to forgive them, but it’s a big no towards forgetting what they did to you previously. 


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4. Become a learner-

Learning can happen at any age and stage of your life. Keeping a learner’s attitude is a must. 

A learner can learn from each and everything, whether it has been good or bad. 

Similarly, if you had a painful past, but you have taught yourself a lot from it, then you are in the best spectrum.

Don’t become a victim of your adverse life experiences. Instead, choose to be an explorer, someone who can see positivity in the worst scenarios as well. 

This way, you become the best student in life. 


5. Gratitude is the right attitude-

Some past adversities can shatter our souls into pieces. But if we can imbibe gratitude then, we can pick up the pieces again and how. 

Gratefulness allows you to see what you have and not what you don’t. It pushes you to see positivity in challenging situations. It makes you a better human being. 

Practicing gratitude in day-to-day life makes you optimistic. It prevents you from various negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings. 

We are not saying it is easy to be grateful all the time. Nor asking you to be grateful every time. However, with a conscious effort, gratitude can become a very part of your life. And over time helps you overcome your past. 

These were the top 05 practical strategies concerning how to forget your past and start a new life. 


Bottom Line:

We should understand that our past is a part of our life, not our complete life. It was a phase, and you can overcome it. 

Finding a purpose is imperative to heal from your previous life. Let’s become conscious and comprehend that you are not your negative emotions and thoughts. 

A beautiful life is waiting for you ahead. It’s just you who need to get out of your comfort zone and make it happen for yourself. 

“The only way to win over your past is to accept and grow out of it! That’s it!”


Always Remember, it’s not only you! It’s us together:)

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