Here’s How To Keep Yourself Sane During Remote Work In Today’s Pandemic Times!


“The workplace is often the most stressful place a person finds themselves in. Employees and managers need to keep an eye out for signs of deteriorating mental health in colleagues.”


Work from home, which has been considered a special perk for many years earlier, has become a reality today. 

Since Novel Coronavirus came, people all across the world have been pushed to start working from home. Of course, at first, things seemed a bit awkward, but then companies and employees got used to this whole work-from-home scenario. Some of them even had started enjoying it as well.  But, it didn’t last for a long time. 

After months of constant working from home, most of us started to feel stuck, burdened, and burnout. Eventually, the mental health of employees began degrading. Remote work mental health has become a concern for many. 

It’s not a new thing that workplaces or work-related aspects get highly associated with the mental health of the employees. Similarly, working from home mental health is highly relevant. 

According to many studies, workspaces are one of the most important places where the mental health of an individual makes or breaks. So, it’s crucial to keep checking on it. 

As we know, at this point, as per statistics, approximately 20-30% of people are working remotely from their homes worldwide. On top of this, due to the pandemic, there are already many changes that have taken place in a person’s life. 

Restrictions in socializing, wearing masks, using sanitizers, fear of falling ill, and various other newness are there to detriment anybody’s mental health. Thus, it’s only about work from home, but many other factors too. 

But, work is something we invest most of our daily time in, so how it is coordinating with others aspects is vital for anybody’s psychological health. 

Considering everything, most folks are facing issues while working from home, especially on the level of their mental health. Even some of them want to get back to their office as soon as possible. 

At Yourwellbeingg, as we have always mentioned, your mental health matters the most. You should not take it for granted anytime. 

So, if you are working from home and facing mental health issues, this blog is for you. 


How to manage your remote work mental health?


1. Set time bounds for professional endeavors-

Primarily, the problems happening with remote work are because of time imbalance between personal and professional life. Earlier, it wasn’t that blurred. Once you used to leave your office building, you were free to focus entirely on your errands.

But, now, because you are all the time at home and managing your work remotely, the lines between your personal and professional endeavors get messed up humongously. That’s not a very good thing!

So, what to do about it? How to maintain the fine line between your work and personal life? It’s simple! Just create strict time frame. And stick to that no matter what, you, your boss, your colleagues, and anybody saying. Don’t let anyone blur your set professional time bound. 

For example, if you work from a 9-5 shift, then it will be strictly 9-5, that’s it! Just switch off your screens and dive back into your me-time, personal space back after that. No more meetings, messaging, emailing, nothing after the decided time-bound.

It will not only help you keep sane. But also give a clear picture of how much you are working, how much time you use for yourself, which we often forget in this daily hustle and bustle.


2. Keep your body moving actively-

It can’t be emphasized enough how important exercise, yoga, walking, running, or any form of physical workout is for your mental health.

Yes, you have to sweat out for all well-good hormones and chemicals to get flowing in your brain. 

Remember, dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins, neurotransmitters, and more. 

These days, while we are working from home, most of us barely moving from one place to another. Right? That takes our mental health a beating. 

This sort of sedentary lifestyle is not apt for remote work mental health. You have to be moving to feel good while working from home. 

I know, it’s easier said than done! When we are so into our daily chores with work from home, we forget to look after ourselves. But that’s the point. You have to give utmost importance to yourself amidst all the madness. If you do not, then consequences can be there. 

Besides, physical activities must get included in each of our lives. It is beneficial in thousands of ways for every human being. 

Initially, you can even take our 10-15 mins for some form of high-intensity indoor workout that also will be great. 

So, which form of physical workout are you going to try? Cardio, yoga, Tabata, or plain walking? Do share in the comment section below! Would love to know your progress in remote work mental health!


3. Look after your diet and food consumption-

Are you eating a lot of processed food these days while staring at your screen all the time while working from home?

Are you just letting yourself go as far as your diet is concerned during remote work?

Are you literally into binging while working up late at night?

If your answer to these questions is a yes, then it can be possible why you are feeling so on edge these days. 

Well, I know, most of us don’t care what we eat. We don’t give much concern about what we are consuming daily. But, when it comes to mental health, what you eat is a deal-breaker. Consequently, it affects remote work mental health.

Too much sugar, too much caffeine, too many processed items can take a toll on your psychological health. 

It’s not easy to change your diet in one go. But one can start from somewhere, slowly and steadily, make changes. Start by avoiding sugar, caffeine, and processed stuff from your diet. Even these small changes can make a big difference. 

So, are you going to cut off these things from our diet? Bet?


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4. Connect with your friends and family, even possible virtually-

Remote work has made most of us isolated and loner at so many levels. We are stuck at home, not able to meet our friends like earlier and various other changes. 

These things combined are taking a toll on most of our subconscious. 

But, what’s happening, happening. 

We can’t change reality! Right! Social distancing is the need of the hour!

We can’t gather like usual in crowds, parties. It’s a need of time. 

But, what we can do with the grace of technology is talk, listen, and spend time with our loved ones virtually. 

Have you ever thought about what could be our lives without our mobile phones in this pandemic era? It’s kinda scary! Right! Will touch this topic deeply another day!

We are fortunate enough in so many ways in comparison to our ancestors’ times, and we should focus more on the positives than negatives in every circumstance and make the most out of what we can do regarding remote work mental health.

So, pick up your phone and facetime your loved ones. Live in this moment, and you won’t regret it!


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5. Talk to some professional, take therapy, consult-

In my every blog, I have always talked about seeking out professional help. 

Sometimes, it may happen that after trying every bit, you might still not feel better regarding your mental health. And, it is crucial to seek some professional help then. 

Some people have studied and are experts in understanding and dealing with your situation. 

Go and seek out help! It’s as simple as going to a doctor for a fever!

There should not be any shame for you to ask for help for your mental health. It’s your basic right! You deserve all the love and support! It will enhance your remote work mental health.


Final Takeaways-

If work from home is the ultimate future of our professional lives, then looking after your remote work mental health is vital. You should know how to turn on and switch off from your professional lives while working from home. Otherwise, it can hazard your mental health in the long run. 

Honestly, most of us take our mental health for granted. I am not inconsiderate but being honest with myself first, then you! We do that! 

At Yourwellbeingg, we urge you to prioritize your mental health in every sphere of your life, be it work, relationships, diet, and whatnot. 

Always remember, we are in this together!

For now, bye-bye!

Stay tuned with us for more insights on mental health facets!

Will come back with yet another blog soon!


Always remember, it’s not only you! It’s us together:)

Mental health is really crumbling in today's time and age. After the pandemic, even more number of people have slipped under depression, panic disorders, anxiety, and many other mental health challenges. No wonder, for ages, there's been a lot of stigmas attached to mental health issues, which still continues. That makes it even more difficult to heal from their psychological struggles. That's why now it has become very crucial to talk about mental health awareness in the open. So that more and more human beings can understand that's it normal to feel certain emotions, or thoughts, or feeling at some point in time, and it's possible to heal or to grow from them.

We, at Yourwellbeingg, trying to conveying the importance of mental health awareness and many other related facets without making any bones about it.

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