Why is Mental Health Important?


I am sure you must have heard about the quote, which goes like, “Health is Wealth.” Remember? Yes, that one! Well, I buy this entirely, as, without proper health, the living quality degrades massively. Anyway, as per the definition given by the World Health Organization, health is not only about the absence of some disease. But it’s more about your complete mental, emotional, and physical well-being and equilibrium. That’s why mental health awareness is also very crucial to comprehend. Unfortunately, for decades, human beings have literally ignored the importance of mental health awareness. 


Consequently, when it comes to mental health today, numbers are telling the similar story . According to the statistics by WHO, about 270 million people (Post COVID numbers have increased even more) of different ages suffer from depression. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of the global burden of disease. Besides, the United States, Netherlands, Ukraine, China, India, and all are some of the highly-poor mental health rated countries in the world. 


Also, other than depression, anxiety disorders are the second most common mental health issue prevalent in almost all countries globally. As per the studies, 284 million people have dealt with anxiety disorders worldwide. And, amongst them, 63 percent consists of females. However, 105 million are males. Hence, women are more likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder in contrast to men


All the recent studies showing that due to this pandemic scenario, the rates of mental health issues have gotten hiked even more globally. So, unfortunately, more people have come under the radar of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and many other mental health challenges. Of course, due to the Corona, people have lost their jobs, loved ones, financial stability, and whatnot. That clearly has taken a toll on them. 


However, prior to this pandemic also mental health statistics were not very low. Besides, according to studies, it has come up that mental health is highly interlinked with physical health. A poor mental diet can impact your physical health or vice-versa. So, people who go through adversities in their lives constantly or dealt with a toxic family environment, or suffered the loss of a loved one, and all possibly face clinical depression and anxiety. The above-given reasons are very general ones. The causes of mental health issues can differ immensely from place to place. 



Although mental health impacts overall human well-being very deeply, and that’s why it’s very imperative to keep that in check. Otherwise, you can come across various hurdles in your lives. Mental health like depression and anxiety make you face issues in even everyday activities. They make you feel highly unmotivated, nauseous, and lazy. In addition, most mental health issues reduce your sleep quality and impact your eating pattern. 



Considering all, we can say that mental health has always been very important. Nonetheless, this whole pandemic has alarmed it even more. It’s high time we should give our mental health a check effectively. As, in many cases, people deal with physiological issues for years but could not find a way to seek help or understand it entirely. And there are many reasons for this. The stigma around mental health is the main out of all. As a result, people still feel awkward and embarrassed when it comes to talking about mental health in the open. They go through a lot of fear of getting judged. 



But, without any doubt, times are changing. Extraordinary mental health services, experts, and communities are coming forward to normalize mental health struggles like any other physical health problems. Of course, there’s still a long way ahead for us to make this happen entirely.


Hence, mental health awareness is very crucial. According to the studies, our younger and coming generation is even prone to mental health issues because of the lifestyle they are leading these days. That consists of a lot of stressors, which can trigger these brain chemical imbalances even more. So, they should understand why mental health is vital in the very first place. Mental health awareness should get taught in schools. Hence, kids from childhood can understand the significance of it. And comprehend the ways to maintain their psychological well-being seamlessly. 


Mental health issues are treatable, like other physical health aspects. So, there should not be so much hoo-hah about them. They are as normal as many other physical diseases. Like every other organ, the brain also consists of some chemicals and neurotransmitters. Due to the imbalance in them, psychological disorders take place. 


Not to mention, people struggle with mental health issues, especially due to the unawareness they possess regarding them. Always remember, the real recovery of all these psychological disorders starts with complete understanding and open acceptance towards them. 


So, I hope one day, there will be communities of people out there who would be completely open about their psychological health struggles. And, will be able to talk about them with each other without any fear, as it’s not your fault. Mental health challenges can happen with anybody or with everybody. 


Always remember, it’s not only you. It’s us together.

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Mental health is really crumbling in today's time and age. After the pandemic, even more number of people have slipped under depression, panic disorders, anxiety, and many other mental health challenges. No wonder, for ages, there's been a lot of stigmas attached to mental health issues, which still continues. That makes it even more difficult to heal from their psychological struggles. That's why now it has become very crucial to talk about mental health awareness in the open. So that more and more human beings can understand that's it normal to feel certain emotions, or thoughts, or feeling at some point in time, and it's possible to heal or to grow from them.

We, at Yourwellbeingg, trying to conveying the importance of mental health awareness and many other related facets without making any bones about it.

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